A good speaker programme is a vital part of membership growth and retention.

Recommending good speakers will help many of our clubs.

Our District Speaker Bank is an up-to-date list of people in the community willing to speak at Rotary meetings.

For other assistance with your club’s speaker program, please visit our website.

This site

The Speaker Bank listings on this site are comprised of an archive (see the Category & Speakers menu items) which may not include more recent listings.  More recent listings appear in the blog.  Blog entries are indexed by category, speaker & topic on the home and some other pages).

Peter Kirkwood

Peter Kirkwood is an outstanding presenter on the Didgeridoo

Can you help?

Contribute to our Guest Speaker Bank and make it grow.  Consider the best speakers you have had or heard over the last 24 months and recommend them to us.

Are you willing to speak?

If you are willing to speak and have references, please submit your details.

While genuine submissions are welcome from the public, speakers wishing to promote their own business or enterprise through Rotary for personal gain will be discouraged.

How to contribute

Contributions are welcome by using the form on this blog.

While you will still be asked to complete the form, you may:

How to give us feedback

Feedback is as important as recommendations!

If you have any comments after hearing one of our speakers, please email us.

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