Category Educational
Subject Aphasia Awareness
Speaker Diane Finch, Sean O’Brien, or Bernard Chandra
Telephone 0403 903 822
Excluded areas None
Rotarian Yes
Club Various tbc
Comments Do you know what aphasia is?  Not many of us do – until it happens to us.  Aphasia is a problem with communication caused by some form of brain injury – and there are 80,000 Australians living with aphasia today.  We are a group of three Rotarians who, like you, did not know about aphasia until we all experienced brain trauma first hand.  Now we need your  help in raising awareness about aphasia.  Please invite us to your group to talk about how you can help.  Aphasia is a global problem  – one Rotarian in Brussels managed to put together this international resource to explain aphasia in many languages – so just think about what a group of Rotarians from Down Under can do!
Call or email to book our speakers for your club in 2016:
Colleen 0403 903 822  or  Bernard 0411 527 327 or email:
 Download the flyer

About Rotary District 9685

Rotary District 9685 is one of two districts in Sydney, Australia. It's boundaries stretch from the Mountains to the Sea north of Sydney Harbour, reaching across the Hawkesbury River and north to Toukley on the Central Coast. The Blue Mountains define its western boundary, beautiful beaches define its eastern border, and rural communities make up its western and northern borders.
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