Youth Development (The Blue Guitar Project)

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Subject Youth Development (The Blue Guitar Project)
Roxy Lee

Roxy Lee


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Comments I’d like to introduce myself I’m a music photographer and creator of The Blue Guitar Project. I was recently a guest speaker at the Rotary Club Five Dock to share the magic behind the Blue Guitar. This may also be of interest to other clubs. Last year I ran The Blue Guitar Project as a pilot program at Key College Youth Off The Streets School in Redfern. The Blue Guitar Project is a 10-week youth development program using music and photography to inspire underprivileged youth to find their spark and to develop a dream – one that will give them independence and to help them lead a passionate, satisfying and productive life. As part of the project these students participated in photo shoots both in front of the lens and behind the lens expressing who they are and who they want to become, they wrote their life stories in lyrics and also built a rockstar ready blue guitar that represents Unity, Equality and Freedom. Our program with Key College was very successful so now we’re aiming to have an exhibition either end of May or beginning of June to showcase the kids from Key College but also to launch The Blue Guitar Project as a Charity. The right venue is still to be determined. We’re also aiming to expand and run The Blue Guitar Project in the other YOTS schools from July – December this year. This is where Rotary comes in. We are looking for funding for both the exhibition and for the development of the in school programs. To give you a feel for the kids we worked with last year check out the video we made for Telstra’s Katy Perry This is How We Do Our School Competition. We made the shortlist. Also here’s a taste of the original Blue Guitar use the password “rox” to view This is just a snapshot. If you think your club is interested in hearing the stories behind the Blue Guitar please let me know.

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Rotary District 9685 is one of two districts in Sydney, Australia. It's boundaries stretch from the Mountains to the Sea north of Sydney Harbour, reaching across the Hawkesbury River and north to Toukley on the Central Coast. The Blue Mountains define its western boundary, beautiful beaches define its eastern border, and rural communities make up its western and northern borders.
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