Parents Speak Out about Autism

Category Medical/Health
Subject Parents Speak Out about Autism
Speaker Lauren O’Hare
Telephone 8977 8110
Position Autism SpectrumFundraising Coordinator

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Excluded areas We can provide speakers across   Rotary District 9685, with the possible exception of the Blue Mountains and   Hawkesbury zones (please contact Leonie if interested, and we will endeavour   to arrange for a speaker to travel to your zone)
Rotarian No
Comments Speech Synopsis:
Did you know that autism affects one in 100 people in Australia?  It’s four times more common in boys than girls and is a lifelong disability that affects communication and a person’s   ability to form relationships.   You   might not know it but chances are someone you know is affected by autism –   they might be a parent or carer, grandparent, sibling or extended family   member.As the largest provider of autism services in the country, Autism Spectrum   Australia (Aspect) hears every day from parents and carers frustrated about   the lack of awareness and understanding.    Aspect also hears from extended family and friends who are confused   and feel powerless to help their loved ones.     So Aspect has created a new group of volunteer speakers to spread the   word and tell you about their journey with autism.The Aspect ‘Speak Out’ ambassadors are parents happy to speak candidly   about their personal experiences with autism and how Aspect has helped them   in their times of need.  Their wish is   to inform their local community about autism and answer questions about   autism.  Personal stories can really   illustrate what life is like living with autism.  Aspect hopes that by telling these stories,   club members will learn how they can make a real difference to children with   autism in 2013 and beyond.  Whether that’s   through increased awareness and understanding, being better able to support   people with autism in their own lives or supporting Autism Spectrum Australia   (Aspect) with fundraising or by making a donation.

If your club or group would like to invite a volunteer ‘Speak Out’   presenter to present at your meeting, contact Leonie at Aspect (DETAILS ABOVE).

 Autism facts
The term ‘autism spectrum disorder’ or autism is an umbrella description   which includes Autistic disorder and Asperger’s disorder.

It is a lifelong disability that affects the way a person communicates and   relates to other people and the world around them.  People affected by autism tend to have   problems in three areas: social interaction, communication and behaviour   (restricted interests and repetitive behaviours).

About one in 100 people have autism, making it twice as common as cystic   fibrosis, cerebral palsy, childhood deafness or blindness and ten times more   common than childhood leukaemia.  There   is no cure, but with specialist help those affected can learn to manage their   disability.

About Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is the largest provider of   autism-specific services in Australia.

We started in 1966 with one class of six students in a rented hall.  Today, we provide a broad range of services   to people with autism regardless of age or degree of disability, including:   diagnostic assessment, information and referral, early intervention,   specialist schools and therapy, behaviour intervention, parent to parent   support network, research, and adult programs.

This year we will work with over 9,000 people with autism and their   families in NSW, VIC & ACT.  We   also run national autism training programs through our Positive Partnerships   initiative.

About Rotary District 9685

Rotary District 9685 is one of two districts in Sydney, Australia. It's boundaries stretch from the Mountains to the Sea north of Sydney Harbour, reaching across the Hawkesbury River and north to Toukley on the Central Coast. The Blue Mountains define its western boundary, beautiful beaches define its eastern border, and rural communities make up its western and northern borders.
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