Cochlear Implants & Lions Hearing Dogs – Faye’s Story

Category Medical/Health
Subject Cochlear Implants & Lions Hearing Dogs – Faye’s Story
Speaker Faye Yarroll
Telephone 9706 8007 or 0412 830 041
Position Cochlear Awareness Network   Volunteer
Excluded areas
Rotarian No
Comments Faye is an accomplished guest speaker with an inspiring story to tell. She has now received 2 Cochlear Implants and has spoken to over 35,000 people at various organisations. Born with a hereditary sensorinueral hearing loss, Faye grew up using two hearing aids and depended extensively on her lip-reading skills. Faye had an accident while holidaying at the snowy mountains that resulted in a profound hearing loss in her right ear. She then suffered another medical problem in 2003 which caused her to lose the small amount of hearing she had in her good left ear. This was a major disaster for Faye. 2004/2005 was the hardest years of her life. Faye worked as a Senior Manager for a major computer company managing IT Support for thousands of users worldwide at the time.  In 2005 and 2007 Faye underwent her two Cochlear Implant operations. At Faye’s first switch-on  everything sounded a bit robotic but within 24 hours people started to sound normal…it’s just an amazing feeling! Now fast forward 10 years of using Cochlear Implants and Faye now benefits from even better technology including Bluetooth & Wireless Accessories which allows her to hear even more. There are still two sides to Faye’s story, a wonderful Cochlear Hearing Journey, and then there is still total silence and a profound hearing loss when she takes her Cochlear Processors off. Today Faye also enjoys having “Sydney” her Lions Hearing Dog in her life.  Sydney helps at times when Faye can’t hear or does not have her Cochlear ears on. Hearing dogs alert their owners to sounds in the home by touching the owner with a paw—things like knocks on the door, a baby crying or the phone ringing. Most importantly, hearing dogs alert their owners to life-saving sounds like smoke alarms or during family health emergencies. Faye Yarroll has a wonderful story to tell which will inspire all.  Min 30mins required. 45mins for full story.



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